pastor rodney maiden bio

Pastor Rodney Maiden is a dedicated spiritual leader and community advocate, best known for his four-decade tenure at Providence Baptist Church. A proud alumnus of the Moody Bible Institute, Pastor Maiden has led his congregation with steadfast faith and commitment since 1979. His tenure has been marked by continuous spiritual guidance and support for the members of his church, fostering a warm and inclusive religious community.

In addition to his role as lead pastor, Pastor Maiden extends his spiritual leadership to the radio waves, hosting a Christian radio show on WCRF FM 103.3 every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. His program serves as an additional platform to share the teachings of the gospel and inspire faith amongst his listeners.

An active participant in the National Adopt-a-School initiative, alongside Dr. Tony Evans, Pastor Maiden believes in the transformative power of education. Through this initiative, he promotes and supports holistic education that goes beyond academics and includes character and spiritual development.

On a personal level, Pastor Maiden is a devoted family man. He shares an enduring, 43-year marriage with his wife, Henrietta, a testament to their shared commitment and love. The couple is blessed with three adult daughters and a granddaughter, forming a tight-knit family unit that underscores his belief in the value of familial relationships.