SummerQuest is engaging, interactive, refreshing and life-changing. At Summer Quest we are “doing life together” through programs designed to take you on a spiritual journey where you will discover truth for yourself, refresh your relationship with God and explore how to handle real-life circumstances. We’re creating an environment where children, teens, millennials, and adults can grow together and get connected with others in the body of Christ. 

Wednesday Evenings | 7pm

  • Teen Tribes | June 26 - July 17 | 7pm
  • KidzQuest | June 12 - July 17 | 7pm

Sunday Morning Classes | 11am 

  • Adult Co-Ed | June 16 - July 21 | 11am

kidz quest | powerup!

Wednesday, June 12 - July 17 | 7PM

“God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life.” - 2 Peter 1:3 NIV. 

All kids ages 2-12 are invited to join us as we “Power Up” for another exciting summer! During KidzQuest, kids will learn what it means to “raise their game” in Christ Jesus and they will learn to build connection and community with Jesus by building community with others; all while enjoying fun games and activities. 

Parents, while your children are having an awesome time at KidzQuest, join us in the parent lounge for a little me time and relaxation. The parent lounge will be located in rooms 10 and 11. 

teen tribe nights!

Wednesday, June 26- July 17 | 7PM

Teen Tribe Nights are back! At Teen Tribe Nights, our teens will learn that God has great things in store for their lives. There will be tribal huddles led by adult and student leaders and Tribal Wars with exciting prizes. So bring your teens out - join in the fun!

Bring your teens out - join in the fun!

sunday classes | 11am


Helping Your Kids Navigate Faith & Culture

Discussing difficult topics with children has never been easy, but in today's world, it's more difficult than ever: Gay marriage, terrorist attacks, pornography, police shootings, and yes, sex, are just some of the complex issues children will encounter in our current culture. This class will equip you to have thoughtful, age-appropriate conversations with your child. The biblically based wisdom and practical tools you'll discover in this group will help you confidently engage your child in meaningful dialogue.


Cafes are a place where personalities meet and friendships begin. Inside cafes, there are various conversations going on about events in the world or life circumstances, but the conversations usually do not connect with God's Word. Come to a group filled with the aroma of Christ and find out what God has to say on today's hot topics and enjoy all the relational flavors that a Cafe has to offer.


Everyone has questions. Young children ask why? Teenagers ask why not? Adults sometimes lament what if? The God who created us and who loves us has given us the answers to life's most pressing questions in His Word. Yet many people have no idea that God has the answers and has made them available in the Bible. Whether is it a question about where we will spend eternity or how to deal with the pain of a broken relationship, you can be sure it has been asked and answered already. Come join a group that will attempt to discuss and answer today's most pressing questions in today's culture.

necessary conversations

Wednesday, June 12-26 | 7PM

This Summer during Necessary Conversations, we discussed tough issues around gender identity, pornography, infidelity, homosexuality, and authentic intimacy - what every soul desires. If you weren't able to make it - you missed three potentially life-changing, powerful nights, but it's not too late to benefit from all of the wisdom and knowledge that was shared during this series!

Click here for more details and our Necessary Conversations Resource List

And click here to watch live replays of all three weeks on our YouTube channel.