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    Pastor Kevin James is founding and Senior Pastor of New Community Bible Fellowship. 


    Kevin has been involved in ministering the gospel and developing disciples for Christ for over twenty years in the United States, Ghana, India and the Ukraine. His preparation for ministry includes a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School located in the Chicago area.


    Kevin is joyfully married to his bride of 28 years- Tanya. They are blessed with three children: Christopher, Taylor and Lauren.



    Pastor Mark works as an industrial maintenance instructor at Arcelor Mittal Steel and Cuyahoga Community College. He also serves on our Elder Board.  He and his wife Cheryl have three children, Daniel, Mark and Cydnee.


    ELDER AND EXECUTIVE consultant to the senior pastor

    Pastor Charles Domingue serves remotely on our Elder Board and our staff part-time as the Executive Consultant to the Senior Pastor.  His primary involvement is in the areas of strategic planning, finance and operations.  His wife is Denise and their children are Kristen and Ryan.



    Pastor Adolphus Gaffney serves on our Elder board and the Men's Ministry. His wife is Tammy and his children are Scott, Morgan, Miranda and Makale.



    Pastor Harold Webb serves on our Elder board and as Director of Christian Education, Brethren Golf League Ministry, Greeters & Ushers Ministry, Communion and Collections Ministry, and the Parking and Shuttle Ministry. His wife is Ann Marie and his son is Dillon.

  • pastor judah early

    teaching pastor

    Pastor Judah will collaborate with the Senior and Executive Pastors to effectively minister to the congregation through the Sunday morning pulpit ministry.   Pastor Judah will also serve the young adult population who take part in the Elevate ministry and will prepare sermons for Elevate worship nights. His wife is Tiffany and they have four children. 


    Elder Obie Shelton serves in the Prayer Ministry and the Programing Ministry and works as an educator and instructor at the Rainey Institute. His wife is Barbara and his son is Owen.


  • Deacon wayne dancie

    Deacon Wayne Dancie is married to his wife is Paula. He says the most important lesson he has learned as a leader is "It's not about me. To me, leadership is simplistic, but hard. You have to separate your desires and needs from the desires and needs of your people; to get them from where they are to where they need to be."

  • Deacon wes dumas

    Deacon Wes Dumas is married to his wife Brenda. One of his favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


    Deacon Tyrone Hinton leads the M.A.D. Men (Make A Difference) Outreach Ministry and serves as a Coach for the New Believers Adult Bible Fellowship class here at New Community. He is married to Blondell and has a daughter, Kelly.

  • Deacon Wayne Miles


    Deacon Wayne will be responsible for providing day-to-day oversight of the facility which includes ground maintenance, facility upkeep, coordinating event set-up/take down and implementing safety processes and procedures. Deacon Wayne has two children with his wife Belinda. Darnae and son-in-law, Corey. 

  • deacon maurice miller

    Deacon Maurice has worked in the construction/safety industry for over 30 years. He has been married for almost 27 years to his wife Denise and they have three children Maurice, Tamika and Melissa and seven grandchildren.

  • deacon melvin minor

    Deacon Melvin Minor is married to Laura Minor. If he could have any superpower he admits to wanting to be able to "transport from one place to another". He says, "I don't really like waiting or diving to places!"

  • deacon christopher moore

    Deacon Chris Moore works as an Intervention Specialist at Euclid High School. He has three children with his wife Bianca. Kendall, Jonah and Joel. One of his favorite scriptures is James 1:2-8.


    Deacon Jermaine Sergeant is married to his wife Avril and together they have two children, Tiara and Jaedon. The most important lesson he's learned as a leader is to be a humble servant.

  • Deacon Jerome Wilcoxson

    Deacon Wilcoxson has worked as a deputiy sheriff for 21 years. He and his wife Angela have four children together. Chris, Janai, Jamira and Monica. He admits that if he could have any superpower he would have "super strength and the ability to fly." He would have the "strength to help people no matter the situation and to fly to get where I'm needed faster."


The staff here at New Community Bible Fellowship is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at



    and Director of Women’s Ministry

    Tanya James serves as the Executive Director of Programming and the Director of Women's Ministries . She also oversees Special Events and is Co-Founder of New Community Bible Fellowship with husband and Senior Pastor Kevin James. Her children are Christopher, Taylor and Lauren.


    Executive Director of finance and operations

    Theresa will be the Chief Steward of Church Finances and Financial Activities, as well as the Operations and Administrative Executive charged with bringing excellence to our ministry systems.  Her husband is Vincent. 



    Nicole Hargrove serves as the Director of Special Events and Communications. She is also part of the Creative Arts and Programming Conceptual Team. Her husband is Oren and they have a gregarious pitfall terrier named Diesel.

  • mya eady

    Communications and events coordinator

    Mya is responsible for assisting the Director of Communications & Events in the areas of marketing, communications, special events and conferences. Mya has a 10-year old son named Logan.

  • Michael Howard

    Children and Student Ministry Assistant

    Mike is stepping into the role of Ministry Assistant reporting directly to Elder Mark. Mike is pursuing a Master’s of Divinity Degree focusing on Pastoral Counseling from Moody and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Mike transitioned into full time ministry in 2018 when he accepted the position of Youth Reentry Director/ Coordinator working for Youth for Christ. Mike has volunteered on the Prayer Team, Care Team, Make Cleveland Better and has as a Hospice Volunteer Leader at McGregor Home.

  • Lauren JAMES

    Administrative Assistant to the Sr. Pastor

    Lauren literally grew up in the ministry and has watched it flourish. Lauren is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She brings experience from working as a Program Manager, Office Assistant and Community Support Assistant.  Lauren has a passion for discipleship and helping millennials have a thriving relationship with Christ. Lauren will report directly to Pastor Kevin.

  • Lori Sanders

    Senior Administrator to the Executive Director of Finance and Operations

    Lori will support the Operations Team as well as assist with HR Management, Benefits Coordination, Missions Support, Process Development and Special Projects.

  • Taylor james

    Nextgen coordinator

    Taylor is responsible for implementing specific strategies to build community and create discipleship opportunities within NextGen ministries.  She will also be providing general administrative and event planning support.  Taylor is bringing leadership to this role from her involvement with Elevate and her upbringing through all the generations of ministry at New Community. 



    Rufus Jenkins serves as the Facility Manager. He also serves in the Collections Ministry. His wife’s name is Arlene.

  • T. Marquis

    Volunteer engagement and hospitality coordinator

    T. Marquis is responsible for developing processes and systems to improve volunteer recruitment, placement and volunteer retention.  T also oversees the Foodservice and Hospitality Team. Her husband's name is Harold and they have a son named James.



    Christine Morris serves as the Administrative Assistant for both the Administration and Finance departments. Her children are Milton, Stephanie and Ann.

  • Priscilla Hill

    Database Coordinator

    Priscilla will take the lead on inputting pre-members, visitors and event attendees into our Church Community Builders (CCB) Database. She will also manage and update individual’s information in CCB.  Priscilla and her husband, Bob, have been members of New Community for 17 years

  • Alana Carter

    Elevate Administrator

    Alana will be contributing her outstanding communication and organizational skills to work closely with the NextGen Coordinator.  Alana will also assist with coordinating Elevate events and caring for Elevate attendees.

  • joseph krupinski 

    Production Coordinator

    Joseph reports directly to Pastor Myron in assisting with Sunday Service and special event programing needs.  Joseph is also responsible for video editing, managing the live stream for different services and production needs for Elevate.   

  • brittany johnson

    Communications & Special Events Administrator

    Brittany will report to Nicole and will assist with planning, logistics, administration and on-site support for organizational events. Brittany will also be working to assist all departments with submitting their marketing requests to the Communications Team in a timely fashion.

OUR Interns

It is our pleasure to announce that Daz Patterson and Gerald Knox have joined the Next Gen Ministry as Interns. They will be focused on providing support to the Students (Teens) and Elevate Ministries. Their primary responsibilities will be connecting with students and parents on an ongoing basis; ministering to student needs; assisting with recruitment, development and deployment of existing and new leaders. 

  • Daz Patterson



  • gerald knox