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Nearly 700 women gathered for our No More Excuses Women's Event, where women were set free, delivered and equipped with the word they needed to go forward in the Lord. This event was a powerful move of God, As Pastor Kevin said, "God is getting ready to shake some things up like an earthquake in a good way." 

Watch the NO MORE EXCUSES Event Replay

no more excuses class

Continue the conversation by taking the No More Excuses Class starting the week of March 28th on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7pm, here at New Community.

No More Excuses 

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday @7pm

Audience: Women

Location: NCBF

Resource: No More Excuses Booklet to Becoming the Woman God Called You To Be



This class is designed as a tool to help you get to the root of your excuses and to teach you how you can ultimately overcome your excuses. This is a process that we know is not easy, but believe by God's grace there's a beautiful reward on the other side. This new small group is expressly designed for you to continue the conversation from the No More Excuses Women's Event.