Saturday, november 7 @11am

Our Women's Ministry will be hosting a very special event for the women of New Community on Saturday, November 7th at 11am called, REAL TABLE TALK: "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me."  This live event will be available on our New Community YouTube channel.  

At the first event in the series, Tanya James, Marie Walker and special guest Jordyn Dunlap will share from the Word of God and share what they wish someone had told them earlier in life.  If you want to know real truths, experience greater joy and avoid some of Satan’s most devastating traps then mark your calendar for Saturday, November 7th at 11am.

Ladies we want to hear from you! Click HERE and share one thing you wish someone had told you when you were younger!  The first three to answer will win a copy of Jordyn Dunlap's latest book, Abide.Arise.Ascend.

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Our Heart’s Desire is to see the lives of women transformed through the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the word, and to strengthen women in their walk with Christ by leaders sharing their lives, teaching, counseling and cultivating friendships.

“Doing life together,” isn’t just something we say, it is what many women at New Community have discovered as the bridge that leads to changed lives.