holiday support

Would you like to partner with others at New Community to sponsor a family this holiday season? Sign up to be a part of the Make Cleveland Better Holiday Support Team. Stop in and visit our lower Fellowship Hall to complete the Holiday Support commitment card. If you would like to be considered for sponsorship from New Community complete the “I Would Like to be Sponsored” section of the Holiday Support card.

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Let's work together to care for our church family. If you know that one of our members is in need of care or unable to attend church, please let us know. In the sanctuary there are seat pockets behind each seat. In those seat pockets there are New Community S.O.S Cards. Please use these cards to share information regarding a member who has a care need .We will made sure this information is passed on to our Care Ministry Team for a follow up. Completed cards can be placed in the offering basket or given to a greeter during each service.



Specific emergencies include a death in the family, an unexpected hospitalization or a major accident. By calling the listed number you will receive prayer and someone to provide assistance during your time of need. 


PLEASE CALL: 216-410-9268


If you are faced with infidelity in your marital relationship, this support group will help you journey from wounded to wonderful as you navigate the raging storms of hurt, anger, and loss.  Our group is one that honors privacy and friendship which are the key elements that will help you cope with feelings of isolation and rejection and can accelerate your healing.  Through God’s Word and by His grace, we do not have to wait for our spouses to change, but our hearts can be restored today.  Even if you think it’s too late or it’s already over this group is for you. For more information, email Minister Warren Neverson or call him at 216-397- 3392 ext. 40.

For information about our Domestic Violence Awareness Advocates please click here

For information about Mental Wellness, please click here