At New Community, there is a desired membership pathway for each person that God adds to our church. When someone comes through the doors of our church, we want to help them discover the desired next steps of their journey to becoming a member. For more information, contact Minister Warren Neverson at 216-397-3392 ext. 40 or by email at

starting point CLASSES

In order to become a member of New Community Bible Fellowship there are required membership classes that we refer to as "Starting Point" classes. These classes are offered multiple times throughout the year. The classes can be taken even if you are not sure you are ready to fully join New Community Bible Fellowship as a member. Many people attend these classes and then decide to actually join the church at a later time. When you join at a later time, you will not have to take the classes again.

In order to be installed as a member of New Community Bible Fellowship, all components of the Starting Point Classes must be completed.  The final step required for membership is your attendance at the Installation Reception/Baptism Service where you will be extended the right hand of fellowship by the Senior Pastor.

starting point CLASS SCHEDULE

New Community Bible Fellowship hosts Starting Point classes throughout the year. 

For additional information regarding our starting point classes, please contact us at 216-397-7992.


    Class #1 - Sunday, September 13

    Class #2 - Sunday, September 20

    Class #3 - Sunday, September 27

starting point installation  PRESENTATIONS

The following are the dates scheduled for New Members' Installation Presentations to the Congregation for 2020.

Presentations to the Congregation:

Sunday, October 18 | 9am and 11am