Nicole Hargrove is a dynamic leader with a passion for communication, events, and faith. For 10 years, she has played a pivotal role at New Community Bible Fellowship, excelling in communications and events. Recently promoted to Senior Director of Programming, Communications, and Events, Nicole's creativity, perseverance and dedication shine through.

With 20 years in the event industry, Nicole's expertise spans events of all scales, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. She also has seven years of experience in residential construction and architecture, demonstrating resilience and teamwork.

Nicole embraces her diverse background as God's plan for Kingdom work, believing that no experience is wasted. Her favorite quote encapsulates her unwavering faith: "Nothing is wasted."

As Senior Director, Nicole envisions transformative events & programs that foster spiritual growth and unity. Her exceptional communication skills inspire and build strong relationships.

Beyond work, Nicole cherishes family time, loves her dog Diesel, has been a Small Group Leader for over 7 years, and volunteers to support those in need. Nicole Hargrove's story is an inspiration, uniting her unique experiences to make a positive impact in her community.