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On Friday, September 29, our very own Myron Davis premieres his first feature film One Last Prayer during the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival located at the Mandel Theatre on Tri-C's Eastern Campus. The film has received powerful feedback at screenings across the country and Myron Davis was awarded the Platinum Remi Award for Best Director at the Houston Worldfest film festival. We sat down with Myron to learn more about One Last Prayer.

What is “One Last Prayer” the movie about?

The main character David Bedford is a father, husband and hard worker but has anger issues. When his daughter gets sick, his anger, anxiety and fear starts to kick in. He begins going to a small group that changes his life.

Why were Small Groups so important for you to emphasize in this film?

I believe that historically church began in small groups. A small group is building friendships and relationships and I believe that’s how you experience real change. Church doesn’t change people like being in a friendship does.

How do you define success?

For me, I define success in three levels. The first level was me finishing the film. Before my mom passed, she left me an amount of money that I used to finish the film and I in turn tributed the movie to her. The second level is getting a distribution deal for the movie and I currently have two offers for deals. The third level of success is being able to play my movie for other people which I have had the opportunity to do.

What takeaways did you want people to get from your film?

I want people to hear the gospel. Going to church is not what makes us Christian. Being a Christian is repenting from sin and believing in Jesus. I also want people to know that we are called to share the gospel which is what took place in the movie. 

As a filmmaker, how does it feel to premiere your movie in your hometown?

The hardest thing is that my mother is not here, but my mom got to see me in my transition in artistry from when I was a child to now. We filmed it in her house and her wisdom is in the movie and I’m excited to present that back to Cleveland where my mother raised me and where she got to influence hundreds of people.

For tickets to the Cleveland premiere, visit onelastprayerthemovie.com or stop by the table located in the foyer after each worship service on Sunday, September 24, 2017.