Transforming spaces,

TRAnsforming lives

Then it shall be, if you heed all that I command you, 

walk in My ways, and do what is right in My sight…

then I will be with you and build for you an enduring house. - 1 Kings 11:38 (NKJV)



refresh VISION

God has been working at New Community for nearly 25 years. We have witnessed Him change so many lives. How do you measure the marriages that did not break apart, or the drugs to which our teens said no? How do you calculate God's physical protection over our children or the hearts that remained steady in troubled times? You can't. God's grace is immeasurable. 

We are changing lives through the power of Jesus Christ! 

Over the next four weeks, God is calling us to join Him in an initiative called Sanctuary Refresh. This initiative is about each of us taking our next step in faith, obedience and generosity as we continue to impact lives. Through the Sanctuary Refresh, we are asking you to grow deeper in your surrender to Christ. This generosity initiative calls for each member to contribute in order for us to finance as little as possible of the $450,000 goal. 

God is so generous. Giving His only Son was His greatest expression of love. He desires that we follow His example as sacrificial givers in order to demonstrate our love for Him and others. 

The vision of the Sanctuary Refresh is simple, biblical and long overdue. It calls for us to trust God for what we believe He wants us to do - reach more lives. We must be bold in our faith and prepare for the increase. Join me and my family and take the next step in generous, sacrificial giving on Sunday, May 20th. 

In His Service, 

Pastor Kevin E. James

New Community Bible Fellowship


What: Raise as much as possible of the $450,000-$500,000 cost of the project in order for us to finance as little as possible. Renovations include:  

  • Creating an appealing, multi-purpose sanctuary that is attractive, comfortable and enhances the worship experience while bringing glory to God
  • Developing our foyer into an inviting, engaging, community-building space
  • Installing new entrance stairs and lift that will provide ease-of-access for all guests

When: May 20th, 2018 (One time offering)

Construction: Approximately 12 weeks

Why: Facilitate life change

Provide greater handicap accessibility

Cultivate stronger connection

Where: During the renovation, Sunday Services will be held in the lower Fellowship Hall


Executive Team: Pastor Kevin James, Elder Charles Domingue, Tanya James

Project Manager: Elder Charles Domingue

Architect: Levine Architecture & Design, Ltd.

General Contractor: Frontgate Construction Services Group, LLC

How You Can Help:

  • Pray
  • Fully engage in the process
  • Plan to give sacrificially on Sunday, May 20th



  • A completed sanctuary refresh that God will take pleasure in and be glorified
  • That God would use our new sanctuary to transform more lives through more transformative moments
  • That every member is inspired to give sacrificially as the entire congregation shares this financial burden
  • No setbacks during construction
  • Unity, clarity of communication and complete alignment of staff, officers and congregation
  • Smooth transition to services in and out of Fellowship Hall On-time, within budget Completion
  • Moving, powerful, life-changing services in Fellowship Hall Fully engage in the process
  • Plan to give sacrificially on Sunday, May 20th


  • Cut back on buying coffee: If you spend $5 a day at Starbucks for 5 days that equals $25 a week and $100 for the month
  • Examine you cable bill: On average a family can spend $103 on cable every month. You can try different alternatives such as Hulu or Netflix
  • Pack your lunch: If you spend $10 a day for 5 days that equals $50 a week and $200 for the month
  • Find free entertainment: On average people spend around $200 on entertainment a month. You can find free activities, such as concerts in the park, game night at home and rent movies from the library and have a movie night
  • Eat dinner at home: For a family of 4 to eat out at a restaurant the cost can be at least $60. Try using Pinterest for cool, new recipes and making your favorite restaurant dishes at home

benefits of the sanctuary refresh

Below are just some of the benefits of our Sanctuary Refresh:


We will experience greater community and more fellowship in our designed foyer and sanctuary.


With our expanded stage, we will have an enhanced worship experience where we can feature music, spoken word, drama, dance and more all to honor and glorify God.


As our space is transformed, we will see lives transformed as more guests can come to hear the Word of God. 

closing another chapter

by tanya james

After 20 years of worshipping, praying, preaching, hosting funerals, weddings, concerts and conferences, this space is finally getting the renovation it deserves. It has served us well and we are so very grateful! 

I remember seeing this space for the first time and thinking, the outside is so beautiful, it's like a little British castle, but the inside uh... needs some work. We were happy though to call it home. 

Even before it was ours, we marched around the building praying and claiming victory. We watched the Jewish congregation move out and literally march several miles down the road to their new Temple in Beachwood.

Over the years, I've cried in this room, experienced deeps joys in this room, witnessed Pastor Kevin and Minister Vann confront demons in this room. I've grown in my understanding of the Bible in this room. God has spoken to me so many times and challenged me to make hard decisions in this room - to sacrifice, to forgive, to continue leading when I've wanted to give up.

I've watched my husband endure some of his most painful moments - in this room.

But what has brought me the most joy, is knowing the many people who've learned to trust in Jesus in this room and all the quality life decisions that were made here. Couples finding power to stay together, parents remaining hopeful for their children, and men learning to lead.

I remember the couple that quit smoking at one of the all-night prayer vigils, and the man who confessed he wanted to take his life-instead he shared his struggle with Pastor Kevin. He's alive today. I think about the families that survived deep betrayal and are now thriving. Only God could do these things.

As we turn the page, we are trusting God to use us to do even more. So thank you for being a part of this story and for helping us change lives through the power of Jesus Christ.