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Join us on Sunday, March 26 for our special ordination services. 

During each worship service, we will ordain Minister Charles Domingue as an Elder and

Warren Neverson and Deacon Harold Webb as licensed ministers in the state of Ohio. 

ELDER Charles domingue

What is your favorite book leadership?

The one that touched my heart the most is titled “The Book on Leadership” by John MacArthur. The book uses the life and missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul to unpack 26 characteristics of a true leader.

What leader has influenced and inspired you the most?

My dad, Paul Blaine Domingue Sr. was a quiet guy. He didn’t talk much but he was a man of great integrity and high moral standards and knew how to get things done.

What has been the funniest moment you’ve experienced over the years?
Denise and I were going to a seminar one evening and we were texting back forth about it and she didn’t know what to wear. I was texting Pastor Kevin at the same time and I accidentally sent him a text saying “you can wear those flattering jeans” which I meant to send to Denise. I kept wondering why Denise never responded, and then Pastor called and said "...Uh Minister Domingue..."

minister harold webb

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a leader?

Don’t trust your feelings. No matter how you might feel, you always have to do the right thing and you can’t even trust your own thoughts a lot of times. You have got to do ministry in community and the danger is if you start to do ministry by yourself. You can be easily deceived and tricked and you get into your feelings and emotions.

Were you ever an athlete?

My parents were really big on us being involved in everything from tennis to swimming to basketball to football to baseball growing up and I also ran track. But my love was actually football. I really enjoyed football. The lessons I learned from football is how to play through pain and suffering and actually how to lead others. 

Who is your favorite superhero? If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

When I was growing up I used to really get into those Japanese films like anime and I liked the space giants. I used to watch Ultraman, Goldar, Johnny Sako and Godzilla, stuff like that. So that would be my Saturday mornings watching those shows. And as far as the superpower, I think I would want to know kung-fu and be an extreme martial artists and know every form of karate and kung fu. I used to watch a lot of kung fu movies before Christ days so that would be entertaining.

minister warren neverson

What is a scripture that helps you get through tough and challenging moments?

Philippians 3:10. That verse came to me when I was in college and I was being mentored in IT by this Indian guy and he had a roommate who was agnostic and I got into a conversation with him one time and he posed questions to me that I couldn’t answer. When I went back to my apartment I was really distraught and at 3am the Lord woke me up and gave me that verse. That’s what keeps me motivated is to know Christ and I want others to know Him

What person inspires you the most?

The people that influence me is my dad and beyond that my spiritual father Hayward Robinson.

What area or place in Cleveland have you and your family enjoyed?

On our day off we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we got to experience the Science Center and those were pretty cool. We’re looking forward to experiencing more of downtown and Playhouse Square. We certainly want to see a couple of plays at Playhouse, we’re a big arts family. I know Hamilton is coming to town so hopefully we can see that.


Join us on Sunday, March 26 at 11am and 1pm for Ordination Sunday.