We are very excited about how God is growing New Community and we are looking to expand our staff to accommodate the growth we are experiencing. We are prayerfully looking to fill the employment opportunities listed below. If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to hr@newcommunitybible.org.

  • Next Gen Ministries Coordinator


    The Next Gen Ministries Coordinator (NGMC) provides general support and volunteer leadership development to the Next Gen Director and the Children’s Ministry Coordinator (6 weeks to 6th grade).  

    The Next Gen Ministries Coordinator reports to the Director of Next Gen Ministries and Kidz Coordinator to support him/her in the coordination and execution of all Next Generation ministries with the goal of implementing the curriculum and standards for Children’s Christian Education as designed by the Kidz Coordinator.  As a leader in the Next Gen Ministry, the NGMC, will assist in team building, volunteer recruitment and training, in addition to follow-up for ensuring consistent volunteer team for Elevate and Children’s Ministry (ages 6 weeks – 6th grade).

    1. Strategic Leadership:  In alignment with the Sr. Pastor’s vision (Changing Lives through the Power of Jesus Christ), the NGMC will implement specific strategies to build community and create discipleship opportunities for each age group. 
    2. Collaborate with Next Gen Director and Kidz Coordinator to develop and implement comprehensive processes for volunteer recruitment and retention
    3. Collaborate with Next Gen Director and Kidz Coordinator to develop and implement best practices for leader observation, evaluation, and development opportunities for volunteer leaders
    4. Work with staff and volunteer ministry leaders to support in coordination and execution of strategic plans and budget that is developed by Next Gen Director/Kidz Coordinator
    5. Create and develop coherent processes for implementing and developing curriculum and teaching pedagogy, facilitate weekly Children’s Ministry classes, events, and activities
    6. Gather data that assesses the effectiveness of the ministries, activities and events; recommend strategies to continuously improve and bring more relevance to NCBF’s Next Generation Ministries and meet designated goals
    7. Cultivate an environment of authentic and healthy relationships amongst Next Gen volunteers in an effort to cultivate and grow community, encouraging spiritual growth and peer friendships
    8. Create, implement, and maintain processes for engaging attendees, parents, and community partners for all activities and events via all available mediums (social, personal, and more – especially given current constraints of COVID-19 pandemic)


    1. Work to provide direct support to Next Gen Ministries personnel (reporting directly to Kidz Coordinator and Next Gen Director) for large and small worship gatherings and/or events through direct service, volunteer identification and development
    2. Work with necessary personnel to develop, implement, and execute orientation and ongoing training for new volunteers as well as assist with scheduling: correspondence, follow up, reminders, and tall other correspondence to ensure fully-staffed areas for Elevate/Kidz departments.
    3. Consistent Communication with Director of Next Gen Ministries, Kidz Coordinator, as well as all relevant staff, volunteer leaders and departments to ensure clarity of vision integration as well as execution of appropriate teams
    4. Assist Next Gen Director/Kidz Coordinator with preparation and execution of regular meetings to support development, growth, and create support systems for delivering vision to Next Gen Team members (volunteer, staff, and attendees)
    5. Anticipate staffing needs, and continually recruit volunteers from the church membership to build a solid core of Next Gen ministry volunteers
    6. Support Next Gen Director/Kidz Coordinator in his/her shepherding and discipleship of the Next Generation Team leadership, volunteers, and kids to encourage, support, and nurture their growth
    7. Support Next Gen Director/Kidz Coordinator with creation and implementation of processes for onboarding and maintaining accurate records of volunteer leaders (incl. appropriate background checks)


    1. Provide teaching on discipleship and leadership in Life Group and leadership settings as needed
    2. Provide care and leadership to the Next Gen leaders and volunteers as needed such as: Devotions, prayer calls, care for team members in crisis, loss, or hardship 
    3. Attend all relevant church events and work with Next Gen Director/Kidz Director in providing leadership, accountability, and discipleship
    4. Assist Next Gen Director/Kidz Coordinator in creation and administration of lesson preparation and execution, including but not limited to: keeping all areas safe, clean, and sanitary in addition to assisting with all necessary elements to ensure effective administration and execution for all Kidz/Elevate gatherings


    1. Strong biblical foundation for wise leadership
    2. Must be an experienced administrator, able to establish and maintain appropriate standards for the accomplishment of ministry in a way that honors both God and people
    3. Adept at balancing multiple projects of great importance, initiating prioritization schedule, and leading down, up, and laterally with sound judgement while creating and adhering to deadlines
    4. Ability to communicate and/or grow in effective, persuasive and compassionate communication both oral and in writing
    5. Must have a servant’s attitude, with mature and professional inter-personal skills
    6. Expert in time management skills with the ability to meet requests for information or action in a timely, tactful, and courteous manner
    7. Your marriage and personal relationships are sound example Christian maturity, living out biblical principles
    8. Must be a team player, promoting unity for the overall direction of the team and the Ministry
    9. Ability to be flexible in an environment that is subject to spur-of-the-moment changes
    10. Initiative, perseverance, follow-through and a “whatever it takes” attitude.
    11. Conflict resolution skills consistent with Scripture
    12. Must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality. Breach of confidentiality, whether personal, leaders, membership or church related, is grounds for immediate dismissal


    1. Bachelor’s Degree preferred
    2. New Community Bible Fellowship membership for Executive Coordinator and/or spouse
    3. Executive Coordinator and spouse must be willing to spend time in Bible Study and staff training with NCBF
    4. Fully embrace the vision, mission, and values of NCBF
    5. Must exhibit a strong commitment to personal, spiritual, and professional growth
    6. Proficient in Microsoft software where applicable to ministry duties
    7. Must live a public and private life exemplary of a mature Christian


    This is a full-time, hourly position with designated hours and set compensation. The compensation for the Executive Coordinator of Next Gen Ministries, is based on 40 hours per week.


    Web Design / Digital Media Responsibilities:

    • Maintain and continually develop websites
    • Editing and developing video content
    • Maintain and update the church app
    Social Media Coordinator Responsibilities:
    • Increase engagement with the online community through inspirational messaging
    • Maintain and update all social media channels based on the daily schedules
    • Design and write innovative content to increase engagement
    • Developing and posting content on all client social media channels
    • Monitoring trends in social media, suggesting and proposing ideas


    • Must have and maintain a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and have a working knowledge of the Bible
    • Partnering with Director of Communications to design marketing and social media campaigns to drive engagement and leads
    • Delivering analytics reports on a regular basis for all social network activity, paid and organic to track and enhance social media performance
    • 1 - 3 years of social media marketing experience (either in-house or agency)
    • Creative written and oral communication skills is required
    • Bachelor's or Master’s degree a plus
      (Communications, Advertising, Marketing or a related field)
    • In-depth knowledge/experience of SEO, SEA, HTML, CSS, social media, web analytics and reporting is a plus
    • Demonstrated creative problem-solving approach and analytical skills
    • Self-motivated & proactive
    • Helping plan, facilitate and communicate community and corporate events
    • Other duties as needed