Volunteer Coordinator 

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to hr@newcommunitybible.org.

The Volunteer Coordinator will work with each ministry leader to assess volunteer support needs, develop recruitment strategies, and assist with ongoing training. The Volunteer Coordinator will also be responsible for reviewing current volunteerism process with the goal of continuous process improvement. Reports to Executive Pastor

General Duties and Responsibilities:
  • As directed, work with ministry leaders to assess volunteer support needs of their ministry. This includes identifying roles, determining responsibilities, creating an operating plan, and developing a recruitment strategy.
  • In conjunction with the ministry leaders, develop an on-boarding process, which will include orientation sessions, ongoing training, and regular feedback.
  • Based on the continual assessment of open roles to fill in each ministry, assist the ministry leader with recruiting volunteers. This may include attending ministry fairs, new members’ classes, Kingdom Impact meetings and installation services.
  • As directed, assist pre-members (and members) in determining their spiritual gifts and areas of passion to help select ministries that match their areas of giftedness.
  • Provide twice-monthly statistical updates on weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-to-date stats that relate to volunteer engagement. 
  • Schedule and attend monthly meetings with the Database Coordinator and Sr. Administrator to perform systems crosschecks to confirm data accuracy and determine the progress of volunteer engagement initiatives.
  • Document current processes and procedures with a focus on continuously improving methods and processes.
  • Provide general administrative duties as directed.
  • Meet requests for information or action in a timely, tactful, and courteous manner, even when they are outside the Volunteer Coordinator’s direct job description. 
  • All other reasonable duties as assigned, but not listed above.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • New Community Bible Fellowship membership
  • The ideal candidate should be creative, bring high energy, hard-working, and have the ability to motivate others
  • Should be detail oriented and decisive with the ability to organize and coordinate work, set priorities, and meet deadlines
  • Must exhibit a strong commitment to personal spiritual growth
  • Fully embraces the vision, mission, and values of New Community Bible Fellowship
  • High School education, some college courses in the areas of business administration preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft software where applicable to ministry duties
  • Excellent organizational, administrative, and team development skills
  • Must exhibit a continuous effort to develop and improve skills and knowledge
  • Must live a personal and private life exemplary of a mature Christian (1 Tim 4:12)
Knowledge and Abilities:
  • Must have a submitted, servant, and supportive attitude in your overall approach to ministry and your job (Ephesians 6:5-7; Colossians 3:23, 24)
  • Professional and mature interpersonal skills
  • Must be a team player, promoting unity for the overall direction of the team and the ministry
  • Ability to be extremely flexible in an environment that is subject to many spur-of-the-moment changes
  • Initiative, perseverance, follow-through and “whatever it takes” attitudes are very important
  • Must have a strong commitment to handling conflict according to the precepts of Scripture
  • Effective communication is a very important value at New Community; Must provide clear, regular, and thorough communications to all with whom you work
  • Must exhibit personal discretion concerning information shared in the normal flow of church interactions, whether leaders, staff, or members
  • Must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality; Breach of confidentiality (whether personal or company-related) is grounds for immediate dismissal
  • Administrative abilities are key. Able to establish and maintain appropriate standards for the accomplishment of ministry in a way that honors both God and people
  • Strong interpersonal skills-ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately both orally and in writing
  • Timeliness is a very important value at New Community. Must arrive to work and meetings on time; Must meet request for information or action in a timely, tactful, and courteous manner
  • As with all assignments at New Community, this role serves in the best interest of New Community Bible Fellowship; This person must have an open, submitted and understanding spirit, should the Senior Pastor or eldership determine a need for change or reassignment.