God has called New Community Bible Fellowship to enter a 28-day fast beginning Thursday, February 1

and ending Wednesday, February 28.

During this fast we will deny ourselves food, delicacies and other physical comforts and pleasures

for the purpose of greater spiritual power and deeper intimacy with God.

Download the 2018 28-Day Fasting & Prayer Guide

prayer + praise service wednesday, FEBRUARY 28 | 7pm


Join Pastor Kevin James and your New Community family for our Prayer + Praise Service on Wednesday, February 28 at 7pm. Small Groups that normally meet Tuesday, February 27-Thursday, March 1 will not meet. Childcare will be provided.

We have designed a special Prayer and Praise Service for our children to enjoy. All children ages 18 months - 12 years old are invited to be a part of this special service located in the Children's Wing.


  1. Begin your Fast on Thursday, February 1st.

  2. Follow your Fast for 28 days.

  3. Spend extra time with God.

  4. Attend the Prayer & Praise Service on Wednesday, February 28.

  5. End your Fast on Thursday, March 1st.

types of fasts

  1. The Absolute Fast-The absolute fast means absolutely no consumption whatsoever. It means to abstain from both food and drink. Normally absolute fasting will not exceed three days and nights because there is a risk to damaging one's health to withhold both food and drink for more than three days.
  2. The Partial Fast-At times the Bible records believers who fasted from certain types of food, but not all foods. This is called a partial fast. We see Daniel using this type of fast at least twice. 
  3. The Normal Fast-Jesus seemed to engage in a normal fast. A normal fast is defined as abstaining from all food-solid or liquid-but not from water. In Luke 4:2, it speaks of how Jesus ate nothing while He fasted. But Luke does not say that Jesus drank nothing. 

daniel fast

In the Bible, Daniel chose not to eat the royal foods that was served (meats, sweets, wine) and in turn he ate only vegetables and drank water.

Foods to Eat:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Water

Foods to Avoid:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Sweetners
  • Processed Foods
  • Fried Foods

For more information about the Daniel Fast including recipes and tips, please visit

my rocky road to fasting

by lisa hammond


I’ve participated in our corporate-wide fast each year for the past 3 years. You’d think I’d have it down pact but every year it smacks me in the face and this year was no different. I honestly was in desperate need of a fast. I needed to cleanse my mind, body and spirit, so this was the perfect time to go on a long term fast. I usually do the Daniel Fast, which means abstaining from meats, sweets, dairy and liquor because it allows me to abstain from all of the pleasure foods that I enjoy so much. Normally, before I begin the fast I plan out exactly how I’m going to fast including what I’m going to give up, what meals I’m going to prepare and how I’m going to spend more time with the Lord.


This year’s fast started off a bit rocky for me. I wasn’t as prepared as I normally am and I have continuously gone back and forth on the things I want to give up. Meat, sweets and social media were a no brainer, but there have been things like how much YouTube and Netflix I should allow myself to consume causing me to become anxious. Then the Lord spoke to me the Monday after the fast began as I was worshipping and reading the Word. He told me to stop being legalistic. I realized I was focusing too much on how I needed to go about the fast instead of focusing on the reasons why I was fasting and what the goal of fasting is. It’s not about what you can’t eat or watch, but it's about decreasing your fleshly desires and spending more time with the Lord. I was worried about how God would feel about the things I gave up and I was worried about if I gave up enough; when God loves any form of obedience. He isn’t sitting in Heaven shaking His head at me because I decided to watch Netflix and He isn’t frowning at me if I don’t do the fast “perfectly”.


I needed this revelation because I so often place myself in invisible boxes that God never designed me to be in. So, I encourage anyone who may be stressed or concerned about how they’re doing in their fast to be encouraged that you are doing perfectly fine. Even if your fast doesn’t go exactly the way you “planned” it to go, God is still pleased and you will receive the breakthrough He has for you. And also, when does anything ever go the way we planned it to go anyway!

Flaming hot popcorn, starbucks® coffee, lord, give me the strength

by lisa hammond

"Lord, please help my cravings and desires for Flaming Hot Popcorn, Starbucks® Coffee and candy; give me the strength not to drive to the corner store and buy all the snacks they have! In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

Those have been my prayers for the last 3 weeks! But God has sustained me through my outrageous cravings.

Each year that I participate in our corporate fast, I see just how disciplined I can really be. I learn that I do have the power to say no to my fleshly desires and when I do that, I later see that what I thought I wanted wasn't even what I truly wanted. This year's fast was different for me. There are areas in my life that I am trusting God for; but this year seemed to be more about my need to spend more time with God. Yes, I needed to give up certain foods and social media BUT the key to fasting is replacing those times when you would eat or spend time on social media with time with God. That is what I was reminded of this fasting season. 

When I spend time with the Lord, so many other areas of my life are restored. I have more patience, I'm more pleasant and not as irritable and I have more joy. I have the patience to deal with the fact that I'm not eating Flaming Hot Popcorn or that I'm not getting my daily dose of coffee. This fasting season taught me more about how bad I need to continuously abide in the Lord and less about the areas I need God to "fix". When I'm spending time with the Lord and gaining His wisdom and understanding, I am able to pour out His Spirit on others because one of the areas I'm trusting God for is the salvation of my family members. I'm learning that my family members need to see Christ through my everyday interactions with Him and that's not going to happen if I'm not constantly filled with His Spirit.

Even though this fasting season wasn't fireworks every single moment, it showed me that every moment will not be fireworks, every moment will not be a miraculous revelation from God, but I still need to be faithful to the Lord everyday by spending time with Him.

I hope this fasting season taught you how to abide in Christ and the benefits of limiting distractions to hear clearly from the Lord.