Daughters of Destiny

Our young ladies are destined for greatness, but it’s up to us to help them unlock their full potential. Girls often feel awkward and out of place, and long to become the confident, beautiful young woman God intended. This interactive class provides an honest, biblical, and at times humorous road map for your daughter's journey from here to extraordinary!

Location: Room 21

Time: Wednesday, 7:00pm

Resource: This is Me: A Getting-There Guide to Womanhood for Teen Girls by Jeffrey Dean

Contact us: 216-397-7992


A Young Man's Guide to God, Girls, and Becoming a Man   

What does it take for a teen to become a real man? The best answer is found following God's roadmap - a journey that will lead toward authentic manhood. This class will offer sharp advice on transitioning from the teen years to adulthood. Our Men In Training (M.I.Ts) will be guided through eight essential topics, including finances, sex and dating, as well as cultivating a strong sense of self. They will hear real stories of victories as well as stories of regrets. Join this class and watch our young teens learn how to become men whose lives are filled with honesty, strength, and courage.

Location: Room 22

Time: Wednesday, 7:00pm

Resource: 99 Things Every Guy Should Know by Mike Hammer, Matt McCage, Jeff Wallace

Contact us: 216-397-7992