begin your adventure - June 2017

Summer Quest is an engaging, interactive and life-changing adventure for the whole family!  Through a series of classes designed to take you on a spiritual journey, you will discover truth for yourself, refresh your relationship with God and explore how to handle real-life circumstances.  There is one thing we know, people want better lives.  They want stronger marriages, children who make good choices, life purpose and wisdom for their journey.  Join us this summer, June 14 through July 19 at New Community Bible Fellowship and watch your life get better!



  • a taste for truth - cooking with chef wells

    It’s going to be fun, tasty and spiritually enlightening!  With professional Chef Eric Wells and lessons from the Bible about boundaries and how to renew your mind, this class is bound to satisfy. After all, it is a cooking class at church. Learn how to cook some of the basics, new healthy recipes and some of the fancy stuff too. You will evaluate your own eating habits and learn to break free from the control of food and poor eating habits that dog you. Join us as we eat, drink and celebrate the goodness of the Lord! -Wednesday at 7pm; Room 17 & Kitchen

  • boundaries...Worry bout yourself!

    Like a city whose walls are broken down, is a person who lacks boundaries! Boundaries are essential to a healthy, balanced life. So why is it so hard for Christians to say “No” without feeling guilty? Can you set limits and still be a loving person? Learn how to establish boundaries that define who you are and who you are not. Because boundaries affect every area of our lives, developing good ones is paramount. Join this class and learn the power of setting limits while being true to God, yourself and the people most important to your life. -Wednesday at 7pm


    Is your marriage strong? Could it use a little (or a lot) of work? Well, join us as we explore three principles that if practiced, guarantee to transform your marriage. Marriage is hard work, but this summer we plan to discuss fun and practical ways to cultivate habits that build healthy marriages. You will learn to "radiate the inner beauty" God has given to every woman. Yes, we’ll talk about the ‘S’ word that most of us balk at – and we’ll also talk about the fun stuff, too. Wink…wink. Hope you’ll join us - your marriage is worth the effort! -Wednesday at 7pm


    It’s true, attitude determines our altitude, and having a bad attitude is like living in a desert – it’s a lousy place to visit and a devastating place to live. Our deserts are not physical but emotional and spiritual, and failing to recognize the direct impact of our attitudes on our lives keeps us unhappy and stuck in dry places. Join us on this life-changing journey as we explore attitudes that rob us of joy and steal our peace. Learn how to trust God more deeply, as you cultivate attitudes that please him. -Wednesday at 7pm


    God can take all the cracked, broken, chipped and flawed pieces of your life and create a masterpiece! This class will teach you how to cultivate the intimacy with God for soul yearns for. Discover why God says you are his masterpiece and a testament to His glory! There is no brokenness, shame, fear or flaw that God cannot make whole. His power can piece your life together in such a way that glorifies Him, blesses others and leaves you awestruck! Journey with us, and grow closer to the Lord and watch Him transform your life! -Wednesday at 12pm, 7pm, Sunday at 11am


    There is a war, a very ancient war going on between the Spirit of the Lord and the spirit of Satan. Too many of us are caught in the middle. This class will provide insight and discernment on the nature of the battle. You will explore the three arenas of spiritual warfare that every Christian combats: the mind, the church and the heavenly places. You are no longer a victim, you can learn how to fight and win your battles. Christ has already set you free, and won your victory. Join us this summer, and learn how to walk in it. -Wednesday at 7pm


    Every woman needs help navigating her friendships with other women. From gossip to jealousy to genuine misunderstandings, how do we maneuver through these sometimes-dangerous waters? In this class, you will learn the fundamental principals of the friendships of women. Taking cues from the classic movie Mean Girls as well as the Bible, we will explore how to and how NOT to develop healthy friendships. Learn how to handle conflict in a godly way, why relationships with other women are vital to your spiritual and personal growth and why knowing who you are in Christ is foundational to godly relationships. -Wednesday at 7pm


    Single does not mean being alone or unloved. It means learning how to be whole and real in an artificial world. Single does not mean waiting for your life to come to you, it means building your life here and now and learning to enjoy the journey.  This class will help you deepen your connection with God, and others while building authentic community. We invite you to a life-changing summer experience as we travel the road of life together. -Sunday at 11am

men's classes

  • bold men

    Men, join us for 6 weeks of competition and engaging discussion with Pastor Kevin James and Cleveland Browns Offensive Lineman Matt McCants, Chaplain Robert Brooks, Pastor Judah Early and many more! Make bold your goal this summer! -Wednesday at 7PM

  • kingdom man

    Have you ever felt spiritually weak? Did you know that Satan uses difficult situations and relationship challenges to get you off your game and out of the will of God? This class will teach you how to recognize one of the enemy’s most effective strategies and how to overcome it. You will be inspired to connect more deeply with God and learn how to avoid life’s pitfalls. Join us and learn how to walk like Jesus and become the Kingdom man God has called you to be. - Wednesday at 10am

  • men unleashed

    God saved you on purpose - for a purpose! Join a group of men who are passionate about helping others unleash the transformative power of God in their lives. You can change, and with God’s help so can every man. Change doesn't occur overnight, but this class will introduce you to men who are willing to share their failures as well as their successes on life’s journey.  Unleashed outlines the process of spiritual growth from the first moments of faith to the last. Come, join countless others who are learning what it means to unleash God's power in their lives.  -Sunday at 11am

co-ed classes

  • THE Artists' workshop

    Did you know that you are a work of art?  God says that you are His masterpiece and He has created you anew in Christ Jesus so that you can do the great things that he has planned for you to do.  In this course, we are going to explore our identity in Christ and how the life that we live for Christ is truly a work of art.  We will also discover how we can return the gifts that he has given each of us back to Him - whether we are musicians, vocalists, painters, photographers, actors or poets.  We are all works of art and we are all artists at work -Wednesday at 7pm


    Learn how showing appreciation for your spouse will “ignite” the romance and peace you’ve always wanted in your marriage. Your marriage can get stronger! Come out and join other couples that need a refresher. If your car needs a tuneup every few months, your marriage maintenance is much more. Knowledge is power, so join this class and learn how to empower your marriage and go to higher heights. -Sunday at 11am

  • Christian Foundation I: The Road to a New Life Sundays

    As you travel this road to a new life in Christ, you will see how valuable you are to God and how he longs to free you from shame, insecurity, and emptiness. He wants to heal your pain. He wants to transform your life! God created you for a special purpose - he wants you to experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing him as Father and Friend. Join us on this Road to a new life where you will learn the essentials of Christianity and how to become a true follower of Jesus Christ. -Sunday at 9am

  • Christian Foundation V: The Case for Christ!

    Was the resurrection of Christ real and how reliable is the evidence? Join us and do an in-depth study of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Learn what it means for the true believer. This class will not only look at evidence in the Bible, but also historical references in ancient literature as well. Regardless of your religious background, come, join this class and discover truth for yourself. Gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what you believe and how to explain the reason for the hope that is in you. - Sunday at 11am

  • Christian Foundation IV: Becoming a Living Stone

    Everyone faces adversity, but the real question is how well do we handle it? Some pout, some cower in fear or blame others, then some – by God’s grace - face it head on and prevail. In this class, you will learn how to navigate life’s challenges and disappointments by studying the letters of the Apostle Peter. You will learn how God uses adversity to make us strong, why he tells us to endure and how to appropriate the power he has made available through Christ Jesus the Lord. If life is tough, join this class and learn how through Christ, you can press through!  -Sunday at 11am

  • kingdom finances

    The Bible mentions financial matters more often than prayer, healing, heaven or hell. With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to build their credit, or worried they will be in debt forever, we need God’s wisdom more than ever before. Join this class and learn how to develop good financial habits. Also, learn deeper issues of the heart that keep us in unhealthy financial cycles.Take the six-week challenge where you will learn biblical principles that promise to change not only your heart, but your bank account as well.  -Sunday at 11am



    The church theme of Bold Faith is invading the teen Summer Quest Adventure in 2017 and after this adventure you’ll never be the same. Our teens will go through a series of Biblical studies, Questions and Application Challenges that will force them to use Bold Faith in order to prevail in these weekly lessons and adventures that put boys versus girls and friends versus friends, as we pursue Jesus in this Battle of the Boldest. -Wednesday at 7pm

  • kidz quest

    KidzQuest is an energetic, fun-filled and Christ-centered environment created especially for kids K-6th grade. It's a program designed to teach kids how special they are and how much God loves them. 

    KidzQuest challenges the idea that the Bible is boring by teaching kids God's principles through story-telling, outdoor games, arts, crafts and drama. Nothing is more important for your children than to begin to understand who God is and who He made them to be! -Wednesday at 7pm