Men at War - Learning to Stand Your Ground

Sundays at 11am | 3529 Washington Blvd (2nd house basement)

Resource: Freedom from Fear by Neil T. Anderson

One of the great attributes of Jesus was that he walked in the Fear of the Lord (Is. 11:1-3). Walking in the fear of the Lord means walking in complete dependence upon God based upon complete trust. Everyone fears something and it is primarily the way that we are attacked by the enemy.  Therefore it should be your goal as a believer to unpack what you have a tendency to fear or trust in order to know how to overcome temptation through God’s word.  Become conformed to the image of Christ and learn to stand  your ground - in Christ.

Devotions for Men
Tuesdays at 7pm | Room 12
Resource: Life Principles of the Old Testament by Wayne Barber, Edie Rasnake and Richard Shepherd

Noah and the ark, Jacob's ladder of angels, Joseph's coat of many colors, Moses and the burning bush, are stories many of us have been familiar with since we were children. It can be all too easy to see these people as merely characters, but they’re real people with all the joys and sorrows that make up life. In this group, you will see how God took these ordinary men and used them for His glory and how he can do the same for you. You will also learn who God is and what it means to follow Him. 

The Man God Uses: Becoming an Extraordinary Agent of God

Tuesdays at 7pm | The Apartment (Backroom off the library)

Resource: The Man God Uses by Henry and Tom Blackaby

One of the great desires that a man has is to make an impact in this world and affect the people around them.   Well, get ready and come join a group of men that are ready to take the challenge to be used greatly by God.  Learn how God first refines men and how He greatly uses them. In this group you will receive encouragement on your journey and learn about the character of God as well as discover - The Man God Uses.   

Every Man's Marriage

Wednesdays at 7pm | Room 12

Resource: A Husband's After God's Own Heart by Jim George

A more fulfilling marriage is within your reach—and getting there is not as difficult as you might think.  This class is based on the book, A Husband After God’s Own Heart, by bestselling author Jim George, who points you to the little touches that can bring big results. They’re based on clear and simple priorities found in the Bible and will help... make you the husband God meant for you to be. Learn how to bring you and your wife closer together as a team, improve your communication skills, strengthen your marriage and family relationships and add more fun to your times together. You’ll be amazed at how small steps in the right direction, can help you enjoy a better marriage.

M.A.D. Men: Experiencing God

Wednesdays at 7pm | 3529 Washington Blvd (2nd House Basement)

Resource: Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing God's Will by Henry Blackaby

M.A.D. Men stands for Make a Difference men- men who are not okay with the mundane and are ready to take the next step in their faith. Experiencing Godis the perfect resource to help you do that. It is based on seven scriptural realities that teach us how to develop a true relationship with the Creator.  So come join a proven group of men who are ready to make a difference in their homes, workplaces and communities by knowing and doing God’s will. 

Wisdom or Folly- You Choose

Wednesdays at 7pm | Room 19

Resource: Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes

Spiritual discipline is the difference maker in whether you become a man of wisdom or folly. Using biblical wisdom, engaging illustrations, practical suggestions for daily living, and personal study questions, Kent Hughes offers hard-hitting discussion on major areas of Christian manhood: marriage, fatherhood, friendship, purity, integrity, leadership, prayer, ministry, and more. Come take a journey with other men who are ready to challenge one another to follow God’s path of wisdom in their lives. 

Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Kills Your Strength

Thursdays at 7pm | Room 19

Resource: Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Kills Your Strength by John Bevere

What’s your kryptonite?  For so many men, frustration and fatigue set in as they try time and again to get free from what’s holding them back. God never intended for it to be this way. He destined you to win in every area of your life, and more than that, He gives you the power to overcome every obstacle. Come join a group of Men who believe that you can have a closer walk with God. Come and learn how you can impact the world around you. But first, you have to face off with your kryptonite. This class is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re ready to embrace a journey of radical transformation, this class is for you.  

True Men: The Gospel According to Jesus

Thursdays at 7pm | 17512 Shelburne Road Cleveland Heights

Resource: The Gospel according to Jesus: What is authentic Faith?

Any construction worker will tell you that the most important part of a building is it’s foundation.  Buildings are often tested through storms and can develop stress cracks if they are not constructed properly. In the same way, in order for us to grow in our faith we must have a solid foundation knowing who Christ is in order to withstand the tests of our faith.  In this group you will learn what Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross means for us.  If you are a man who is struggling to believe or having trouble in your walk then maybe you should join a group of men who will be rebuilding their foundation in Christ?