Christian Foundations I: The Life Principles for Following Christ | Sundays at 9AM | Room 12

Resource: Life Principles for Following Christ by Rick Shepherd

Life Principles for Following Christ studies twelve portraits of Christ from Genesis to Revelation, looking at the main ideas found in both the Old and New Testaments regarding Jesus our Savior. Answer such questions as why did God come in the flesh? How does His death make me secure with who I am and how does His resurrection power work in my life. Come take your own personal journey and see how as we examine these pictures of Christ, how He is working to bring us to His likeness, to experience what it means to know Him in His fullness.

Christian Foundations III: How to Read and Understand the Bible | Sundays at 11AM | Room 18

Resource: How to Read the Bible by Kay Arthur

The Bible is an amazing but sometimes perplexing book to read.  One person reads a passage and gleans so much from it, while another is left confused.  What's the difference?  The difference is that one has been trained in understanding how to ask specific questions of scripture.  People all over the world for thousands of years have built their daily lives and have staked their eternal lives on the Bible.  We believe you can too learn how to read and understand the bible too and God's Word can come alive to you more than ever before!


Christian Foundations IV: A Walk through the Bible | Wednesdays at 7PM | Room 18

Resource: What the Bible is all about by Henrietta Means

Whether you are a bible student, brand new to the Word or Seasoned – this class has something special for you! You will systematically walk through the Scriptures, be given a history of the times covered in the writings, gain spiritual insight and interpretations into the text, and gather application for everyday living. Join this class to learn more about What the Bible is All About!

Christian Foundations V: Doctrine & Theology | Sundays at 11AM [Class registration has closed]

Resource: Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem

How do we know the Bible is God's Word? What is sin and how do we overcome it?  How is Jesus fully God and fully man? What are spiritual gifts? What about the second coming of Jesus Christ?  These are questions for which every Christian should have answers.  Discover the answers to these questions along with many more.  Your faith will be strengthened. 

Kingdom Finances: Managing Money God's Way | Sundays at 1PM | Room 18

Resource: Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

When it comes to money management, God gives us clear and careful instructions: avoid debt, always save some of what you earn, give back to God the tithe. Join this Sunday group and learn these principles straight from the Bible, plus many more that will help you develop your own game plan for financial success.