city clean

Thank you to everyone who participated in our City Clean events. The projects consisted of helping elderly people in the community- selected by our partner, the C.A.R.E. Program - to assist with outdoor needs such as gardening, lawn mowing, window cleaning, etc.

WHen is the last time you invited a friend to church?

You and I are beneficiaries of this ripple effect of the Gospel. We are responsible for infusing the Gospel with new power and causing the ripple effect to continue. Look at Jesus' ministry's ripple effect. Starting with one disciple, then three, then twelve, then 120, then 3000, then more than 5,000... and the rest as they say, is HIS-story. Many of us say, "Yeah, I understand the impact of John, Peter, James, and Paul; but they were apostles! I can never do what they did." Folks, remember what these people were before they were apostles? They were much like you and me, commoners of the most ordinary sort. 

Today, let's take a fresh look at the ever-widening pools of influence across which the ripple effect started. By God being at work in your life, you can take advantage of God-given opportunities to speak and act in the name of Christ:

  1. Family: Those within your immediate family are the most fertile ground for planting seeds of the Gospel. Relatives with whom you have contact and who can observe your life may need to hear the Gospel-from you.
  2. Work Associates: Family is at the top of the list, but we spend the next greatest amount of time with other people in vocational and educational contexts. 
  3. Neighbors: The greatest untapped harvest fields in modern America are our neighborhoods. When will we take the time to open and establish lines of communication along which the Gospel can spread?
  4. Strangers: "Divine Appointments" which appear insignificant to us can have a life-changing impact on one who meets Christ in us.

The time is now for us as the redeemed children of God to share the good news! It is going to take the power of God working through the children of God, to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in our community.